Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Do I need to pay the full amount up front?
A.No, we simply require a 20% deposit at time of booking. This amount can be paid by credit card directly to our Paypal account. The balance should be paid 4 weeks prior to arrival.
Q.What happens if the bike breaks down?
A.In the unlikely event of a mechanical breakdown, we will come out and meet you with a replacement bike. In the event of a puncture, the bike will be returned as soon as a replacement tyre has been fitted. Please note, punctures are the responsibility of the hirer but we will pass on our full trade discount.
Q.Are there any mileage restrictions?
A.No, you can rack up as many miles as you want
Q.Do you supply any riding gear?
A.Whilst riding gear is always a personal preference we appreciate it can be quite bulky to pack in to suitcases. As such, we do carry a number of spare helmets, jackets and gloves which can be loaned free of charge. Just let us know what you need and we’ll try and supply it. You can always post your riding gear over in advance and we will collect and store it safetly until you arrive.
Q.Will the bike be supplied full of fuel?
A.No, the bike will be supplied with a minimum of fuel. It should be returned in the same way.
Q.Can the bike be taken over to the UK / Europe if we want to extend our holiday?
A.Yes, this option is available. We can also provide motorcycle hire via one of our UK based business partners, which reduces the costs and travelling times on the ferry.
Q.Can I book a package for any time of year?
A.Yes, you can.
Q.How far in advance do I need to book?
A.We can be quite flexible with dates but would strongly recommend any dates covering the TT Races (June), Southern 100 Races (July) and Manx GP Races (August) are booked as far in advance as possible – it gets crazy busy!!
Q.When is the best time to visit the Island?
A.The Island is stunning any time of year but the warmer & dryer months are between April and September. To enjoy the quietest roads and particularly the TT course at its best, we would actually recommend avoiding the TT period.
Q.Is it true the TT course has no speed limit?
A.No, this is a myth. Just like the UK and Europe, the Island has speed limits in villages, towns and other built up areas which must be adhered to at all times. There are some sections of the TT course which have an unrestricted limit but the maximum speed limit for all of our bikes is 70 mph.